Saturday, 23 October 2010

Good News!

Hello everyone

Have a wee listen to this:

Edward Dolman is the chairman of Christies who recently sold an important Picasso painting for £34.7 million, setting a new record for a work of art sold at auction. As with Giacometti's "Walking Man" earlier on in the year, I narrowly missed out on my bid.

Earlier in the week the BBC were reporting form a gallery currently showing the work of Timmy Mallett. Again, they discussed how art is increasingly becoming an attractive investment in these challenging times.

Sadly, I do not represent Picasso, and I'm pretty sure there are no Mallets in here! However, there are some extremely fine yet powerful paintings on display in the current exhibition, Landmarks II.

Take a look:

On the back wall is the work of 3rd year ECA student Martyn McKenzie who I have a lot of admiration for.
I think he has a very intuitive style which is quite a mature skill in an artist. He has great control of the paint and I think could give me a run for my money on the old landscape front! When he talks about his work he does so with sincerity and conviction. At only 22 I think Martyn is going to be a very special painter.

Have a good weekend all x

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