Friday, 15 October 2010

Autumn Watch

Hello everyone

As always a warm welcome to our latest blog follower - hope you are well.

Continuing on the Autumn theme folks, I think I mentioned previously that this is my favourite time of the year to be out in the landscape. Autumn is a landscape painters paradise: amazing cloud formations, glittering light and enriched, enhanced colours.
I'm itching to be out in the wilderness currently, however meantime I am content with my usual stomping ground - Inverleith Park. In between throwing balls and scooping dog poo, I was amazed by this:

Ok, it's been amateurishly and hurriedly snapped, but I hope you "get the picture" (apologies for another feeble joke). I can categorically assert that the sky has not been enhanced or tickled with in any way....that's beyond my capabilities. Seeing this sky immediately made me think of:

"Morning of the Autumn Equinox". An exceptional and eerie painting by award winning artist Philip Braham.
We will see more of Philip's work next year....will keep you posted.

I have to confess to being annoyed with myself for not managing a couple of pieces of my own for "Landmarks II". I knew all the work coming in was going to be superb, but seeing it all hanging together, it really is quite beautiful. I would have loved to be a part of it. Take a look at this:

"Winter Solstice in the Strath" by Hazel Cashmore.
All the way from Thurso, Hazel Cashmore's latest paintings are truly gorgeous. I've been studying her "land meets sky" precision- and she really is the expert. I have also realised that, apart from the brilliant painterly qualities, she is also an expert with colour. These are colourful paintings, yet Hazel's discerning eye and control ensures they are never "shocking" or over the top. Her paintings are both dramatic and sexy, not to mention well observed.

Speaking of drama:

"Big Buachaille" by Beth Robertson Fiddes.
Wow....big skies, roaming mountains, it surely doesn't get better than this?
Of course I want you to come in and see all the paintings for real. This piece for example has exquisite collage work that you can't see here.

Next up. We will be taking a look at 3rd year ECA drawing and painting student, Martyn McKenzie. He's really, very good!!

Have a good weekend.....

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