Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Various Visitors

Hello eveyone

I've been raking through some photos stored on my blueberry so thought I would show you some of the lovely people who have been through UG's door.
As it's the final week of Janet Melrose's solo exhibition it seems fitting that we start with the lady herself:
Janet popped in to over see some of the dot action: seen here not in those 'famous' dungarees. There's still time to come in and see what everyone is talking about. Thank you, Janet, for a truly magnificent show and for all your hard work.
We also recently enjoyed the company of arts writer and journalist Jan Patience who wrote the a very fine foreword to Janet's catalogue. Unfortunately I reverted to my 'old style' photography and managed to chop off part of her head (apologies Jan), so no photo here!
You can however, see what Jan looks like here:

Speaking of chopping off heads....

This is award winning artist Joyce Gunn Cairns MBE in her, at the time, tranquil studio. Joyce's studio is more frantic now as she finalises her exceptional work for our 'Head to Head' exhibition in July. I've been lucky enough to have been given a preview of the heads in question and am looking forward to seeing them on the walls.
Next up:

I also recently enjoyed the unexpected company of artists Stewart Bremner and Trevor Jones. Now Stewart looks rather apprehensive in this photo as he was about to over come his fear of flying to go to the States to participate in a collaborative exhibition with abstract artist Megan Chapman. Stewart Bremner has been incrediby busy of late and I look forward to his safe return and welcoming him, Megan, and his new work next week.

Dashing Mr Jones attempts to disguise himsef as a wine bottle. Discussions are in place over a ground breaking abstract exhibition to be held next year.
Last, but by no means least:

Ladies and gentlemen.....introducing the phenominal artist Norrie Harman.
Norrie Harman trained at ECA and is now based in Leeds, however I am extremely pleased to report that we will be lucky enough to see his work return to Edinburgh in July. If you look closely you can see a very cool tattoo of a greyhound on his wrist. Of course, he is a very cool individual himself.

I'm looking forward to receiving more various visitors over the coming weeks.