Friday, 17 June 2011

The State of The Union

Hello everyone,

It's not by chance that I titled this blog as such.

As the Chinese curse says, 'may you live in interesting times', and we most certainly are. What a shame there's so many people out there scared about their and their children's futures, coupled with Mr Salmond's determination to march on and split us all up....we most definitely are living in interesting times.
At UG we just experienced our second anniversary and I've been a bit selfish and spent a whole afternoon reflecting on all that has happened. I'm no politician, I'm merely an artist. However, I do believe amazing things have happened in our 'happy space' in the face of diversity.
Establishing any business is a frightening prospect at the best of times. To do so in the economic doldrums is even tougher and involves many sleepless nights, but I revert back to my original message and genuine belief that, even in challenging times, good things can happen. This is something I largely attribute to the artists and gallery visitors....forward thinking, resourceful and enlightened individuals are very much the people to pull through in a crisis.
People pulling together, showing mutual respect and genuine support for each other in difficult times has proved to be a winner in this particular situation. In nature's in numbers helps and it's easier to face the big bad world when you're not alone.
Briefly, when thinking of a name for our gallery, we struggled. It had to be definitive and something that could not be changed overnight. I found it interesting that there's Union Gallery's all over the world: Student Unions, Union this and that, the list is endless. However, here in Edinburgh, there's never been a Union Gallery until now, and ours is a true union of gallery, artists and visitors.
Hand on my heart, I believe that we are simply warming up. Union Gallery and the artists have so much more to offer. So far this year we have been enthralled and amazed by artists Audrey Grant, Barbara Franc and Janet Melrose. Who can forget this fella:

"Man Standing with Yellow Background", oil on canvas by Audrey Grant.

As we hit the hopefully not so terrible two's, we welcome award winning artist Colin Brown who's work excites and intrigues all who see it.
Next month sees four very bold and individual artists unite for the first time within the four walls, and I promise you it's going to be spectacular.
Here's a little taster:

The latest beauty from artist David Hosie.
I am especially pleased that we see the return of award winning artist Norrie Harman's work to Edinburgh. He is ready, his work is ready and I know you're ready!

Fear not, if you think things couldn't get better then you need to witness this:

"Love Letter", oil on canvas by the incredible Philip Braham.

Philip Braham's solo exhibition, "Still." will be showcased during the Edinburgh Festival. Definitely one not to miss.
All in all, I'm overjoyed and enthusiastic about the state of the Union.

Speak soon....

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