Saturday, 14 May 2011

Look Closer

Hello everyone,

Firstly, a huge thank you to all who have been in to view award winning artist Janet Melrose's solo exhibition, "A Still Life". And thank you to those who have been in many times now as "it makes me feel good". I completely understand this and my old habits of sneaking in early and leaving a wee bit later have returned ten-fold.
A closer look at this:

"Look Closer", acrylic on canvas by Janet Melrose.
Janet Melrose's exhibition was always going to be special and was the perfect celebration for the month of May. Ok, we seem to be experiencing 'April Showers' this month, but the long, dark cold nights of the incredible winter of 2010 are far behind us. It's time for people to feel better and Janet's work offers calm and inspiration to all who see it. I find it intoxicating and feel Union Gallery currently offers sanctuary.
For me, the above painting goes someway to explain the beauty and sensitivity in Janet Melrose's work. I think it's fair to say that we are living in challenging times, in reality brutal times, Yet I look at this enchanting painting (even the title is perfect), and I am encouraged. If you are daring enough to take 10 minutes out of your gruelling schedule, or have the need to get out out of the office at lunch, then go for a walk. I do this as often as I can to get some thinking space and calm time. To see the birds, bees and blossoms reminds you that there are still perfect and beautiful things in the world. Janet Melrose's exhibition really does encourage you to 'look closer' and focus on the things we often take for granted.
Janet herself described the process of making the work for this exhibition as 'carthartic'. I can feel this completely and for those who see it, there is a similar sensation. Here's a comment from Janet's visitor's book: "May 11th 2011. Crap day. Came into the gallery again to clear my head. The paintings are a breath of fresh air, clearing my brain, filling it with an empty space of beauty, now can go out and handle the crap without it getting me down".

"New Beginning", acrylic on canvas by Janet Melrose.

Have a lovely weekend.

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