Thursday, 19 May 2011

Delicate Things

Hello everyone,

I would like to draw your attention to a very special number in Janet Melrose's solo exhibition, "A Still Life". Firstly though, by way of introduction, I wanted to show you this:

Oddly enough, this time last year I was out walking Union Gallery hound Harry, and came across this perfect little birds nest. And, like last year, I will stress that I didn't hijack it from a tree, I simply came across it on the path. I couldn't resist the urge to pick it up and inspect the fine craftsmanship. I also said in that blog that I immediately thought of artists Janet Melrose and Jenny Matthews, believing that they would also appreciate this perfect piece of nature.
And so, one year on, we have another work of perfection:

"Delicate Things", acrylic on canvas by Janet Melrose.
Artist Janet Melrose has, in the past, made comment about her 'generic' birds. Yes, it's true to say her birds are often stylised, but this is not to be confused with being frivolous or cartoon-like. Janet's seemingly effortless birds are captured in the moment, skillfully recording their very essence. To me, the bird featured in "Delicate Things" is anything but generic. Her beady eye is alert and watches anxiously, staring right at you whilst she sits protectively over the fragile fruits of her labour.
I have a feeling that who ever secures this treasure will also have an eye for all things delicate and special.

Leaving you with a couple more delicate and special things:

No. We did not prepare them earlier! These tiny visitors are the gorgeous twin girls of our good friends Sam and Nina Gough.
Little Cassia is on the left and Poppy is on the right.....we think!

Speak soon x

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