Thursday, 23 September 2010

Rays of Sunshine

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The other day I made a point of going to Inverleith Park to see the sunflowers in the allotments there.

I do this every year and its a particularly nice thing to do at this time of the year. As Summer sneaks out by the backdoor and Autumn barges in, its nice to get a last blast of cheery colour. This year I enjoyed it more than usual as it reminds me of one of my favourite paintings in the Derek McGuire exhibition:

"Two Sunflowers in a Dark Garden" by Derek McGuire.
Stunning, I'm sure you will agree. Again, this isn't a huge painting yet the brush work and skill here is quite humbling. At first glance it may look quite dark, however there's lots of rich purples and royal blues which seep to the surface in certain lights......

Here it is captured in a fluke moment during the hanging of the exhibition. The cheerful sunflowers in the painting were given as seeds as a gift to Derek's two daughters, Jessie and Ella. Ella, of course, is a fundamental part in the title of the exhibition: Ella Novo Loco. I should point out that Jessie too has made a huge contribution to the exhibition....producing a work of her own!

"Two Butterflies on a Sunny Day" by Jessie McGuire. I think its fair to say Jessie has inherited her daddy's talent genes.Also, a BIG HELLO to all the children and staff at Oxgangs Nursery where this masterpice was created.
Will leave you with this:

"Carousel Horse" by Derek McGuire.
Also inspired by Oxgangs Nursery, Derek enjoys watching the children at the nursery playing with the rocking horse. I for one are really enjoy the painting. I am very, very tempted by this little jewel.

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