Saturday, 18 September 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

Hello Everyone

I am sure I'm not alone in noticing a sudden chill in the air.  This morning, in an attempt to warm myself up, I tried to take a brisk walk with Union Gallery hound, Tommy - although he clearly had other ideas:

Yes, he really is actually sleeping on that bench!
Anyway, feeling the chill whilst trying to walk the pooch immediately put me in mind of one of my favourite (I have 20 out of the 24) paintings from Derek McGuire's solo exhibition, Ella Novo Loco:

'Man and Dog' by Derek McGuire
I have to confess that in my excitment when unwrapping Derek's paintings, I initially missed the dog.  On discovering the hound's perfect head I got really excited.  Not purely because this painting appeals to me as a dog owner, but also because with the head only one centimeter in size, this is a perfect representation in every sense. 
How did Derek get this tiny section of a dog's head, just bounding off the end of the painting, to encapsulate all the joy, energy  and excitement of that special bond between man (and woman) and dog?  I guess, for lack of better words, it's because he's a brilliant artist - and practice makes perfect.
I should alos point out that this painting measures only 11x13cm in total!  A real treasure.

Leaving you with this:

Following the success of his superb exhibition at Union Gallery, artist Dylan Lisle has rewarded himself with a new companion for his studio......introducing Leda, ladies and gentleman.

Have a great weekend.

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