Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ponies and Popes

Hello everyone

Just a short blog today as I have lots to get done in preperation of Pope Benedict XVI's imminent visit to Edinburgh this week. Although he has not officialy replied to my invitation, I am sure he will come. I will be most interested to hear his feedback on exceptional artist Derek McGuire's work. In particular I think "Gun Cupboard" and "Cityscape with a Fear" will capture his imagination, being iconic paintings of our time. Alternatively, if these prove a little challenging then he might like "Expressionist Garden with Bees, Ponies and Unicorn" to brighten up the Vatican in its increasingly darkening days.

"Expressionist Garden with Bees, Ponies and Unicorn" by Derek McGuire.

"Cityscape with a Fear" by Derek McGuire. I knew this would look outstanding on a black background.
Lastly, leaving you with this:

This photo was taken ages ago, when Derek's exhibition was merely a few boards with some layers of paint on them. Even then, at the very bones of the exhibition, it was clear that is was going to be something pretty damn special. I remember standing staring at these notes as Derek spoke enthusiastically about his ideas. I was both shocked and amazed.
Anyway, must be off to now. Need to finish cleaning the gallery for Benedict.

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