Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Mmm....Summer Cocktail

Hello everyone

So I have returned safe and sound from Cannes following my recent debut in the film industry.....hence the reduced blog activity. Although I was inundated with movie offers and other work, I felt it was time to come home. I missed the gallery too much.

Luckily, I returned in time to hang the latest exhibition :Summer Cocktail. So glad.....it's an exhibition worth returning from Cannes for! It's so fresh and colourful and has a real summery feel to it. Yes, it maybe typical British summertime out there but inside Union Gallery there's a real feel good factor and the exhibition has some real stunners in it. I'm even doing the old sneaking in early trick so I can take a proper look. See for yourselves:

Please note those gorgeous Janet Melrose paintings on the right. I know of one new owner of her paintings who is absolutely over the moon! And to the left:

Another warm and summery wall, consisting of some exceptional new pieces by Fiona Jappy: look at "Saturday" on Fiona's page, it's something else. At the end of the wall a superb new body of work by John Carberry and centre, an all time favourite painting of mine "Returning From The Party" by Olivia Irvine. To me this sums up a warm summer evening. Lastly:

I have affectionatle christened this "Nosferatu Wall" with it's dark, mysterious and dramatic paintings. Some beauties there, but best you just come in and see for yourself.

It gets scarier:

I was recently visited by my good friend Norma Donald who, after hearing about my Scottish Widows shenanigans, thought I should try on her "cloak coat".
Normal dress code has now resumed however and I promise to behave sensibly when you next visit.
Speak soon.

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