Saturday, 19 June 2010


Hello everyone

Coverage from the 1st Birthday/Artists Party will follow. A huge thanks to all who came along to help with the celebrations. It really was a lovely evening.

However, before that I would like to take a closer look at some of truly beautiful and very clever paintings that are in the current Summer Cocktail exhibition.

Lets kick off with this:

"A Bird in the Bush" by Janet Melrose.
Award winning artist Janet painted this piece outdoors in her garden. The birds and wildlife that visit Janet's garden have become quite tame and are used to her much so that Mr Blackbird flew into the canvas! I love that wee story. The blossom is that of a Damson Tree, much more delicate and intricate than that of the fluffy cherry tree. As ever, Janet has handled the subject matter with great skill. You can see the couple of birds in the foreground but can you see the others? Take a closer look.
Another little bird:

"King Fisher" by Sally Johns.
Gold leaf is notoriously tough to photograph.
This image is not bad but you should come in to see the real deal. You would be forgiven for thinking that it's a painting, but the actual King Fisher is done in pastel. good as it gets for well observed drawing. The gold leaf is fabulous too, Sally has good control and a lot of patience is needed to apply all that.

"River Earn at Carnie Braes" by John Carberry.
This painting speaks for itself. A beautiful summers day on a canvas. I want to be there!

"The House in The Woods" by Fiona Jappy.
This little painting deserves a closer look. It maybe small scale but it's packed with atmosphere, mystery and curiosity. You could look at this piece all day and let your imagination run riot. I think it's like a fairy tale and I bet there are characters just out of site, playing in the woods. Clever and original.

"Backstage" by Douglas Sneddon.
This piece gets a lot of attention, including from a lot of the artists that show at the gallery. Any artist will tell you that approval from your peers, with their well trained eyes, is the ultimate! I am extremely lucky to own a Douglas Sneddon myself. Perhaps one day I will show you it.

Have a closer look at my lovely tubs and you will notice that my flowers are beginning to bear fruit. If you are planning to visit to the gallery soon, perhaps we can treat you to a micro bowl of strawberries and cream.
Speak soon

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