Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Special Petals

Hello everyone
So the Jenny Matthews exhibition continues to impress and delight all those who view her work.
Even the boys from as far as Bavaria couldn't help but be moved by these beautiful paintings.

Interesting the groom to be's favourite piece was "Wild Roses and Campion" explaining (in his better English than my German) that his missus to be would love it. Sadly, there were a few other parties that also loved it so he couldn't have it!

"Wild Roses and Campion" by Jenny Matthews. Very delicate and summery, beautiful.
Leaving you with this. I mentioned before that humble Union Gallery cactus played an important role in Jenny's exhibition. The cactus, as old as myself, (so not very old at all!) spends the whole year looking dowdy and as one gallery visitor observed "like it's been sat on by a cat". However, in the month of May it explodes into life with a spectacular display of gorgeous pink flowers:

Right on time for Jenny Matthews exhibition. Good things happen in May, the weather makes an improvement, trees blossom and little birds are born. It's an uplifting time of year and the perfect month to exhibit Jenny Matthews work.

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