Sunday, 9 May 2010


Hello everyone

Friday night saw us have a thoroughly enjoyable opening of Jenny Matthew's solo exhibition.....even the weather went according to plan!
The exhibition is truly stunning. The paintings are both beautiful and uplifting to look at and it's lovley watching the response of visitors. Everyone who sees the paintings are touched by them. It's so rewarding to see so many smiles and great that Jenny is getting such wonderful feedback.

A lot of very impressed visitors that night. Good stuff.
A huge thank you to Jenny for all her hard work......was certainly worth it!

This is one of my (many) favourites. "Marie's Choice". Titled because, on seeing the unusual and exotic flower, Jenny's daughter became quite excited. The flower is "Celosia", meaning "pink fan flower" and it originates from the Tropics. Beautiful .....well done Marie.
Speak soon

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  1. Of all the exhibitions Alison and Rob have put on, I found this the hardest. Why do I want to look at a flower painting instead of the real thing? I know that's no justification: you could say it about any non-abstract work. But coming from the bright Spring sunshine into the four walls of a gallery could almost be everything that a flower is not.

    Yet this afternoon it strikes me. I look at the slightly wilting dragon flowers on my coffee table. And I think of the Jenny Matthews paintings – that I tried so hard to connect with yesterday. They are not paintings of flowers. They are paintings. Flowers have an evanescence that is like a fleeting love affair. A splendour which dies too quickly. Paintings have a sense of permanence. A light that is not diminished as leaves fade. I imagined one on my wall. I calculated the cost of a bunch of flowers, say twice a month, over a couple of years. Rather shocking that it was more than some of these works of more permanent beauty.

    Are my excuses to myself for not buying one disappearing rather quickly?