Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Hello everyone

I'd like to draw your attention to a particularly special painting in Annette Edgar's solo exhibition, 'Life Times'.
Annette says of her work, 'hot sunny places, for me, often trigger the beat of music in my head, so I attempt to convey some of these rhythms in my work'.

I feel this painting must surely be the epitome of those words?

'Trees in May', oil on panel by Annette Edgar.

This painting, in all it's colourful and thickly textured glory zings, it's positively dancing on the wall!

And on bright day like today (yes really) it absolutely comes into it's own.
I sometimes feel that common phrase, 'I see something new every time I look' is a bit over used with paintings, but jeezo, this painting must surely be the Queen of ever lasting?
Throwing caution and inhibition to the wind, and sending the colour wheel spinning with fear, Annette Edgar has created a real tour de force.
However, it doesn't stop there. Despite it's obvious bold colour and strong composition, 'Trees In May' not only offers a sizzling eye-full, it provides continuous escapism: so much so that I find myself escaping on a daily basis, and genuinely finding something new every time I look at the painting.

Having just celebrated her 70th birthday, our 21st century fauvist has shown me, and others who have been to see the work, that anything is possible and that the energy in her work is a source of constant inspiration and invigoration.

Ya dancer!

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