Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Wanderer

Hello everyone,

Those of you who have viewed the current exhibition, new paintings by Jenny Matthews and Janet Melrose RSW, will know that there is a recurring theme of a journey running through Janet Melrose's work.  With titles such as 'Crossing the Desert', 'Making Camp' and 'Following Signs', you can find many symbols related to this journey in these exquisite paintings - such as the lone red-robed figure and, shown below, his sandals:

'Temple Shrine', detail, mixed media, by Janet Melrose.

Now these lovely, simple sandals appear in a number of the paintings, but as is the way with Janet's  subtle, less-is-more style, not all are immediately obvious to the viewer.

So, as a bit of fun, we are offering a bottle of something fine to the first person who comes to the gallery and can find all of the sandals in the paintings.  There will be no help from us, and no clues!

Happy hunting....

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