Tuesday, 15 May 2012

One Swallow a Summer Does Not Make

Hello everyone,

Unless you have been extremely lucky, you might well have noticed that so far May has been something of a wash-out. Lucky for us, here at UG we have a truly sublime exhibition of new work by Jenny Matthews and Janet Melrose RSW that is guaranteed to transport you to more favourable climes.

To be fair, I have actually spotted a few swallows shivering their way around Inverleith Park.  I can't help thinking the poor fellows are wondering if they've got their dates wrong!

However, I want to show you this rather superb sketch from Janet Melrose's sketch book, which accompanies her little desk containing lots of enchanting items that demonstrate a lot of the thinking behind her new work.  Here is the little desk at which Janet sat many years ago:

It's hard to believe we were ever that wee, isn't it?
And here is that sketch:

Now I've scanned this from Janet's sketch book, so the image doesn't do it justice - which reinforces why it's always best to experience such exquisite drawings first hand.  There a nine swallows here (so it is officially summer), but the one that gets me the most is the one at the bottom left.  In a few masterful strokes of a pencil, with almost Samurai Sword-like skill, Janet has captured the fast-moving swallow with immediacy, precision and delicacy.

I would also like to show you this gorgeous drawing:

This sketch has been done in biro, which personally I have never believed to be the tool to achieve greatness in drawing.  I eat my hat!
What a beautiful drawing: with the 'clumsy', unsympathetic biro Janet has again captured her subject matter with elegance.  That little bird's beak is perfectly captured with a few masterful strokes.  Just brilliant.

Come back soon for some more drawing action from artist Jenny Matthews.

Speak soon.

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