Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Flying High!

Hello everyone

I've always said that artist Cathy Campbell is a star so I thought I'd share a nice story with you that I feel is a fitting tribute during the last week of her solo exhibition.
We have a lovely Japanese client who having spent the last few years living and working in Scotland is now returning home to the Empire of The Sun.
He has told us how much he enjoyed Scotland, and the people, and that he wanted to take something really special back to remember his time here.
Here is that special something:

'Star', oil on canvas by Cathy Campbell.

Cathy's painting will arrive in Japan in time for Hanami, the more than a thousand year old custom of celebrating the cherry trees. Hamani, literally meaning viewing flowers, is a major event in the Japanese calendar and people all over the country take time to celebrate and marvel at the wonderful blossoms. What a beautiful thing to do. To take time out with friends and family to respect and appreciate the gifts of nature. This speaks volumes about the Japanese people.

So it pleases me very much to know that such a beautiful painting will be admired and cherished by such an enlightened individual from the other side of the world.


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