Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Behind the Scenes

Hello everyone

I thought I would share with you some 'behind the scenes' action in the lead up to Glasgow based painter Cathy Campbell's stunning solo exhibition.

I'm hoping some of the photos will make you smile :)

Lets kick off here:

This is UG hound Tommy on the train beginning his day trip to Glasgow.
I think he enjoyed the journey, although I'm not so sure his fellow passengers appreciated the 'aromas' he shared with them.

In Cathy's studio where all the magic happens. There's a LOT of paint in there I can tell you.
But of course, Cathy is a real grafter. It's one of only a few studios I've been to where there are no
photographs. Everything Cathy ever paints is from a real object.

There's nothing like seeing the fruits of labour, especially like this...fresh off the press and humming of oil paint. A perk of the job!

Sadly I did not take a photo of the most excellent cake that Cathy's daughter had baked. Largely because I was too busy shoving it in my face.
I did however manage this little curiosity which I think sums up Cathy Campbell's great spirit and sense of humour:

I should explain that pretty those these objects are, none of Cathy's new paintings come with PMS.

Leaving you with this:

After a hard day of observation Tommy takes his specs of to catch up on some beauty sleep.

Speak soon.

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