Saturday, 17 September 2011

Plight of the Bumblebees from NYC

Hello everyone,

Some of you will remember the amazing installation 'The Hunt' by Hannah Haworth that we were lucky enough to have in the gallery last December.  A magnificent knitted work of life-size dogs pulling a sledge.

Such is Hannah's love of the natural world, and such is her talent as an artist, she was one of the very first people we approached to contribute to the current exhibition, Plight of the Bumblebee. And, in her usual manner, she set about creating something special for us.  Here is the result:

A stunning army of life-size knitted bumblebees, 50 in total, which currently adorn our window sill.  They are made from merino wool, kindly donated by suppliers Malabrigo, and are perfect in every way.  Just have a look at this:

Hannah became a little obsessed with accuracy, and we are hugely grateful for all the work she put into this project.

Sadly for those of you who fancy a perfect little knitted bee, they are not for sale.  When you buy an artwork from this exhibition to support the bees, we are happy to give you one as a thank you.  Numbers are dwindling already.....

Hannah  also produced a limited run of 5 Honeybee Woodcuts that are also showing this month.  Each is numbered and unique, as well as being beautifully formed:

'Bee IV' by Hannah Haworth.

More bee news very soon.....

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