Monday, 12 September 2011

Nancy The Greedy Bee!

Hello everyone

So as Hurricane Katia continues to give us a battering, I have been thinking about the poor wee bees even more of late.
Union Gallery's current exhibition, 'Plight of the Bumblebee' aims to raise funding for, and awareness of, the declining bee population. 20% of the proceeds of this exhibition will be donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust whose vital work you can read about here:

Instead of blustery winds and flattened barnets, I will attempt to transport you somewhere calm, warm and sunny. How about Nancy in France?

I will let glass making supremo Jessica Irena Smith take it from here, but first a quick look at her gorgeous bee inspired work:

'Bee Bowl I', kiln formed glass by Jessica Irena Smith.
The faded bee motif represents the decline in the bee population.

"I'm just back from France where I took on your challenge of finding a French bumble bee!  We were staying in Nancy, which is really beautiful (and an important city in the history of glass making), and has gorgeous parks.  I'd almost given up on finding a bumble bee in the park - there were lots of honey bees, but no bumbles - when I came across the lovely plump specimen in the photos!


He (or she?) was sitting so still that at first I thought he'd popped his clogs!  I think he'd just been a bit greedy and tired himself out (he was absolutely covered in pollen), because he eventually bumbled off to the next flower!

I've attached a few pics for you to see.  I know you'll be wondering how you can tell it's definitely a French bumble bee, but I'm sure this close up shot will leave you in no doubt....."


Alors! Je suis si plein je peux me deplacer a peine!

Hurry back for more busy bee action soon - next time they will be Assisi bees!

Time to buzz off!

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