Monday, 17 January 2011


Hello everyone

Apparently today is the most depressing day in the calendar. Dubbed 'Blue Monday', psychologists say that a combination of the weather, post-festive blues and financial worries make this the most depressing day of the year.

So, at UNIONgallery we are going to look at things a bit differently. Firstly, after today 'Blue Monday' will be over - a thing of the past - and you will only have 348 days left to make the best of 2011. It IS a new year and I have higher hopes for the artists, gallery visitors and for the gallery itself than ever before. I truly believe that even in these difficult times brilliant things can be achieved. I also believe that artists - creative, resourceful and forward-thinking individuals - are the very ones to pull together and to make a difference for the better.... for everyone's benefit. Indeed, with the world seeming an increasingly brutal place, I believe that there is even more need for art. I know this: I am lucky enough to experience it, day in and day out.

Always remember that at UNIONgallery we have an 'open door' policy. The inspiring and uplifting artwork we exhibit is to be shared and enjoyed by everyone, and I am convinced that just a look will help to alleviate any Blue Monday or SAD symptoms.

This will put a smile on your face:

Artists Imogen Alabaster, Mark Nicholas Edwards and Christine Clark worked hard throughout the freezing temperatures to achieve what is now affectionately known as 'The Wonder Wall'. Their work may be on a small scale, but it is the epitome of what 'Small and Perfectly Crafted' is about.

Leaving you with this, which I hope will create more smiles:
There has been much talk about the new man in my life. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing......HENRY:

I have given him a test drive over the weekend and it's true.....we are inseperable. My New Year's Resolution? Clean up my act!

Speak soon.....

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