Saturday, 22 January 2011

Little by little

All great things are only a number of small things that have carefully been collected together.Anonymous

Hello everyone

Greetings to our latest blog followers. Nice to have you with us Ms Patterson!

So we are continuing with the little guys theme. Lets start with this beauty:

"Tortoiseshell" by Jenny Matthews.
When you get over how perfect that little butterfly (who is only 5cms in width) is, you will start to notice other amazing things about this painting. Bottom right hand corner, on the stalk of the pea plant there are tiny, minutely observed, strands peeling away from the stalk. That's so good! If I were told I was going to be boiled alive at dawn I could not do anything a 10th that good. I was also keen to see a 'black' painting on the black background - rather slick I think. If you still can't see what I mean about the stalk, come in and I will show you.

"Dark Place II" by Siobhan O'Hehir.
At only 30x30cm there's an awful lot of work that's gone into this striking little painting. The oil and beeswax combination give this painting a really rich finish. Again, I was keen to see this painting on the black background too.

And this little cutie:

"Tiny Cup on Blue" by Ruth Addinall.
I really, really like this little treasure. I have even been lucky enough to share coffee and chocolate with artist Ruth Addinall, using this very tea cup. The coffee was a small serving...the chocolate was not!

Have a great weekend all.

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