Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Something Fishy

Hello everyone

As promised we are continuing on the fish theme:

Mark Nicholas Edward's "Sasaki Kojiro" series continue to amaze all who see them.  The attention to detail and slick presentation is quite mesmerising.
Also mesmerising:

"The Goldfish" by Drummond Mayo.
I probably don't need to point out how beautiful this painting is.  Drummond is the oldest artist who works with Union Gallery, and his life-long experience with paint and brush is clear for all to see.  A brilliant balancing act between colour and composition...the softness of his work puts those who see it under a spell.

"Two Figures in a Red Garden" by Jean Hall
When I look at these graceful and enchanting ladies, it seems to me that the lady on the right is sporting a regal angelfish on her kimono.  However, I am wrong as artist Jean Hall explains to me that this is actually a traditional Japanese Kimono design.  You know what fascinates me about Jean Hall's paintings (apart from the obvious)?  They are very striking paintings with a great deal of impact, and yet they are very calming and therapeutic to spend time with.  Lovely. 

Take a look at this:

"The Chinese Teapot and Batis" by Jenny Matthews
You might not notice the little fish in this beautiful painting at first glance, but it's worth the effort for an extra treat!  This Balinese Earring Fish (I hadn't heard of it either) is so elegant and graceful.

And this:

"Toy Shark" by Henry Kondracki
OK, so strictly speaking this is not a 'common' fish, but something really gets me about this painting - a mix of museum piece and a special love of the subject.  Please feel free to pop in and learn more...

And leaving you with this.....

"Toy Giraffe" by Henry Kondracki
So this is DEFINITELY not a fish, but I couldn't resist showing him on the blog.  It's not every day you see such an enchanting and lovingly observed painting of a toy giraffe......

All these paintings are currently in the gallery as part of our Christmas Exhibition.

Next up, a spot of bird watching..... 

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