Saturday, 11 December 2010


Hello everyone

I just wanted to steer your attentions to some really cracking paintings in the Christmas Exhibition....


"Sasaki Kojiro IV" and "Sasaki Kojiro II" by Mark Nicholas Edwards.

I might have previously mentioned that I am lucky enough to own one of Mark's beautiful paintings and I adore it.  Maybe one day I will show you the Auldjo/Union collection.

So these paintings are entitled after one of the greatest swordsmen of Japan. Mark drew an interesting comparison between the skill of a swordsman and that of the artist brush. So, Sasaki may have been the expert of the infamous and brutal "Swallow Cut" but, in my humble opinion, Mark is the expert in wielding the brush with painstaking precision. When you come in for a look you will be able to see the minute detail in these works....they are only 26 x 26 cm!

This is lovely artist Mark Nicholas Edward doing a spot of "Tommy lovin".
A HUGE thanks to Mark for braving the sub-zero temperatures, trekking over town, largely by foot and full of cold to get his paintings here!

Mark also points out that these little fish, swimming away contentedly, will never be great warriors....just eternally peaceful. As with so many artists he has such a beautiful brain and I'm lucky to have him as a friend.

Coming up next......more fishy business!

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