Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Bush That Turns Red

Hello everyone

Something quite special happened at Union Gallery the other day which I wanted to share with you.
I have spent most of the summer fretting about my wildly out of control bush. I apologise to my neighbours who have been very patient about the ever encroaching hedge. I have felt shame everytime someone tried to walk along the pavement whilst dodging the massing branches.
My bush:

On deciding enough was enough, and that it was time to do the right thing, I enlisted the help of my good friend and brilliant landscape gardener Cliff Hall, safe in the knowledge he would show my hedge who's boss.
Cliff, the man who can:

It was hair raising stuff! Especially when he suggested that whilst using a chainsaw you should always be on the look out....for pedestrians.
Sure enough after a bit of elbow grease my bush was tamed and in much more respectable shape. I felt an immediate sense of calm come over me. That my ying and yang had been restored and that I had indeed done the right thing.
The very next day a lovely couple visited the gallery and bought a really special painting that has always been a favourite of mine:

Gorgeous little painting: "The Bush That Turns Red" by award winning artist Olivia Irvine.
A very special couple and a very special painting. I have said before I love happy endings....when magical things happen. I just cannot believe the coincidence of having just trimmed my own bush the day before.
Come in and look at Olivia's and all the other Edinburgh based artists during The Festival.

With the Edinburgh Art Festival in full swing I've decided to throw myself in the deep end. Next week I will be battling with the Festival goers on the Royal Mile. I would like to catch a glimpse of some pipers and get a feel for the party atmosphere......captured lovingly in:

Michael McVeigh's smashing painting, "Parade on Royal Mile".

I shall also be making pit stops to the establishments The Conan Doyle and The Jekyll and Hyde Bar. I would like to make sure they are aware of sculptor John Brazenal's "pop guns".
Check back next week to see some Festival footage....provided I don't get squashed!

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