Monday, 16 August 2010

Bring on the BIG GUNS!

Hello everyone

And a warm welcome to our latest follower.

Just wanted to let you see a few "behind the scene" photos of what's all been going on at Union Gallery during the Edinburgh Festival.
The long awaited arrival:

The evening before the opening of the festival exhibition, sculptor extraordinaire John Brazenall (background) delivers his amazing "pop guns". Rob has a dangerous aim.

"Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde" by John Brazenall.
Not only is the idea behind these pieces quite brilliant, they are exquisitely executed. The patina finish on the handle of Mr Hyde is absolutely gorgeous. I think it looks like rich walnut. I should also point out that each gun is 1 of 1. That's right people, a ONE OFF CASTING, totally unique!!
They have also created a bit of a stir in the gallery. A few of you have "popped" in to see the pieces. I would encourage you all to come in and have a "shot".
As these chaps have done:


Cute. Just so you know, John Brazenall for many years has worked as the chosen fine art bronze founder for the likes of Ian Hamilton Finlay and Julian Schnabel. However, we were interested in John's own work and what he had to offer....sure enough, rather a lot!
Photography of sculpture is always tricky and lucky for us, wonderful Stewart Bremner saved the day again:

Shot on shot. Stewart photographing John Brazenall's "Self Portrait as a Bunh of Tulips".
Just to prove that I have a sense of humour (now and again) I too had a "shot" of the pop guns:

Deadly! Another brilliant image care of Stewart.
Please note that it appears that I am the only one with a decent aim!

Come in to view this exhibition by some of the finest artists living and working in Edinburgh today. You will not be dissapointed.
Time to pop off

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