Friday, 27 November 2009

UG Christmas Exhibition 2009

Hello everyone...
There hasn't been anything posted for a few days now. This is not because we haven't been doing anything...oh no! Indeed we have been extremely busy hanging our new Christmas Exhibition and would like to share the process with you. For me it is a bit of a love/hate thing. I always enjoy the final weekend of an exhibition and make a point of working on the Sunday so I can view or bond with the paintings one last time. Come the Monday the nerves are already starting to kick in at the thought of the re hang. Inevitably the gallery has to look dreadful before it gets better and I find it difficult to stomach at times. There are always last minute snags and hideous Frank Spencer moments. Over the couple of days we hang the exhibition my mood is like that of a bi-polar bear. Of course when things start to come together and everyones work looks amazing, it is very rewarding.
So it begins.......

The mess. Arrrgh I can't stand it.

I am told that unpacking the stunning work of Janet Melrose was the only thing that cracked a smile for the whole 2 days. Charming.
This is Janet's beautiful work.

The excrutiating worse before it gets better scene....

I hate this stage as it's the end of day one, it's late and I go home and spend the night planning and arranging the work in my head....over and over again.

Day 2 and Scott my lovely window cleaner from Rise and Shine helps me to give the place extra sparkle.

Ahhh that's better. Although just noticed my feather duster and hammer on the floor. I use either one depending on my mood! Speaking of contrasts....the above image shows the light half of Union Gallery. Again the Janet Melrose paintings along the back wall are to die for.
And now...

The dark side! Even the windows have a dark theme: featuring very classy Jenny Matthews and Jean Hall flower paintings with unusual black backgrounds.
Now readers, can you spot the Henry Kondracki "Ice Cream Van" painting that I have previously waxed lyrical about? In left window. During it's time with us at Union Gallery this painting achieved cult status. I am both thrilled and a little sad to say it now has a new and loving home in Aberdeen.
I have found myself strangely in the mood for a spot of romantic dancing all week. Sensibly, almost everyone has politely declined.
Only the Gallery Hounds were mad enough to take me up on my offer....

Cha cha cha

They always have to take it too far. Naughty doggies.

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