Thursday, 12 November 2009

"Falling Man" gets a photo shoot

I spent the other day in the company of 2 of my favourite things. David Hosie's "Falling Man"painting and my friend and professional photographer Thomas Haywood. It was really nice to be re-united with "Falling Man", a little surge of excitement came over me when I saw him again. He still smells of oil paint....that's 3 months he's been drying for!
Anyway, we are doing a spot of advertising at The Edinburgh Filmhouse and wanted to use a truly iconic and timeless image. Not going to give too much away, however if you go to see a movie then keep an eye open for him....he is pretty distinctive. I always think "Falling Man", although an extremely powerfull image, also has a certain calm to it. His beautifully painted face lacks any obvious expression and he does not appear to be in any distress despite his predicament. He is captured in a moment of time and that is perhaps what gives the painting a permanent and static dream-like status.
We wanted the best possible image of "Falling Man" we could get (I think we have established that my camera skills are poor to say the least). Luckily for me Thomas Haywood, a true wizard with the lens was on hand to show me how a pro does it. I didn't really understand a lot of his trickery, though that a lot of his equipment was pretty impressive. He even had a new toy....a wireless flash trigger thingy....

2 big bags full of gear.

I just want to point out that the floor is immaculate at this point and at no time was "Falling Man" in any distress....he seemed to take it all in his stride.

A few more attempts. Thomas is a real pro and took lots of photos until he got one he was 100% happy with. Good stuff.

Getting there.....

Stunning! As I say, keep your eyes open for "Falling Man" in his cameo appearance at The Edinburgh Filmhouse.

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