Sunday, 13 January 2013

Gone Potty!

Hello everyone

Here's a couple of photos from Thursday night's opening which was great fun! Thanks to all who came along and made it such an enjoyable evening. A great way to start the new year!

Many thanks to artist Ian Rawnsley for traveling over from Glasgow to make the opening. I really like this photo of him standing in front of his latest work which is of his usual excellent standard.
'Rannoch Moor' in particular is a belter!

'Rannoch Moor', oil on board by Ian Rawnsley.

All smiles....

Recently graduated Martyn McKenzie spent his Christmas working away on his paintings for the 'It's The Little Things' exhibition. It was well worth it and 'Old Chain Pier' actually had people fighting over it!

'Old Chain Pier', oil and pencil on panel by Martyn Mckenzie.

I can understand why. It's beautifully done and has such a lovely feel to it.

Here are Martyn's pieces together:

'Estuary East. Studies', oil and pencil on panel, by Martyn McKenzie.

Lastly I must apologise to artist James Newton Adams who came down all the way from Skye to attend the opening. My famous camera skills went potty and you came out too blurred to appear on this blog. Sorry James!
His new work is fantastic and I'm enjoying looking at this one everyday:

'Gone Potty', acrylic on card by James Newton Adams.

Speak soon!

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