Friday, 3 August 2012

Leda Come Home

Hello everyone,

It's Festival time here in Embra, so I'm hoping you will all be popping over for a visit the the shortbread city to soak up some culture.  And, of course, to visit UG!

Those of you who are regulars to this blog may already be familiar with Leda, artist Dylan Lisle's faithful friend and studio companion:

Leda has featured on this blog before a good few times, and some of you may also remember that she was stolen from Dylan Lisle last year.  Being a Doberman, she is a distinctively handsome (and valuable) breed - historically an attack dog.  Doberman's are prime targets for the increased 'dog-napping' trend by unscrupulous people whose intentions for the animals the abduct I'd rather not think about.

At barely a year old, the plight of Leda seemed to capture the public's sympathy and outrage, with a massive Facebook, blogging and Twitter campaign launched by decent people who willed her safe return.  Such was the concern for Leda that the story gained the attention of radio and print media, as well as a genuine and concerted effort from Lothian and Borders Police.

And she was found! Largely down to an individual who I feel would blush if I went into too much detail.  However, their keen observations, grit and determination ensured a police raid on the home of the perpetrator and the return of Leda to Dylan Lisle, where she belongs:

'Leda Study', charcoal on paper, by Dylan Lisle.
Now I really don't think there can be anyone who cannot appreciate that this is a top notch drawing.  This study, much like the beautiful beast herself, has gained a lot of at attention in the Claire Duguid and Dylan Lisle exhibition.

One evening, and quite by chance, a gentleman who was visiting Edinburgh for just one night walked passed the gallery on his way to his hotel.  He fell in love with her majestic stance and took her home.  He had never bought a piece of art in his life, and nor was he aware of the special bond between the subject matter and the artist, he simply adored the image and the unquestionable skill of the drawing.  He told us he just had to buy it.

As you know, I love a happy ending, so I am very, very pleased to be able to say that Leda went home.....twice.

Speak soon.

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