Saturday, 18 February 2012

An Explanation

Hello everyone,

You might have noticed that, over the past few weeks, we have been blogging paintings by James Newton Adams, accompanied by poems written by Iain Finlay Mcleod.  I think it's time to explain.....

Writer, poet and award-winning film director Iain Finlay Mcleod spent time last summer as writer in residence for the Cromarty Arts Trust.  Whilst there, he produced a series of poems in his native Gaelic tongue, which artist James Newton Adams then used as the basis for a series of beautiful paintings.  Entitled 'The Cromarty Series', these works were then exhibited in Cromarty, and we are delighted to now have them at UG as part of our current exhibition, Poetic Licence.  The work is extremely effective, and the poems and paintings compliment each other superbly.  The Cromarty Arts Trust said: "We think the poems and images capture the essence of life in Cromarty in a beautiful way".  Praise indeed.

So, if you've been to Cromarty and want to be reminded of its charms, or if you've never been but would like to know more about it, UG is the place to be until 27 February.

Here's another one:

'Cul-de-sac', acrylic on card, by James Newton Adams.

Now I’m stuck.
They take parking
very seriously here.
I’ve messed up.
That man with the red car
he’s a liability
they’ll say.
Dawdling and revving
keeping everyone up
looking at the moon.
Cul-de-sac, by Iain Finlay Mcleod.

Speak soon.

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