Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Endless Possible Futures

Hello everyone,

I've been thinking lately that the month of January gets quite a lot of bad press.  Sure, it can be grey, cold and tight financially, but lets face it, it is just a month in a man-made calendar and surely it can be just what you make it?  Perhaps we should enforce some mind over matter.....

On Tuesday, here in Edinburgh we experienced the coldest day so far this winter which, of course, is to be expected at this time of year. But it was also a beautiful day with bright blue skies and, dare I say it, a welcome appearance from the sun!  So it may have been cold, but it was also a day to feel positive about the impending arrival of Spring in a month or so.

At UG we are also feeling positive and excited about the amazing exhibitions we have lined up for this year and about what the future may bring.  I've been thinking a lot about this high voltage number and believe it sums up out positive state of mind:

'Endless Possible Futures', oil on canvas, by Patsy McArthur.
Award-winning artist Patsy McArthur will be having a major exhibition with us in the 'endless possible future, and it will be a belter.  But as we all know, the best things come to those who wait....

In the  meantime, if I have failed to persuade you that January is not a really shite month, the have a look at what else is coming up:

A truly inspirational and beautiful start to the year.  Not to be missed....

Blimey!  And then we have this:

'Ragged Robin', oil on canvas, by Cathy Campbell.
Folks, if Glasgow-based painter Cathy Campbell's still lifes don't melt your heart, nothing will!  Subtle yet powerful, I believe that Cathy's paintings are a metaphor not just for the artist, but for many of our lives - a highly skilled and unique talent that speaks a universal language.  There is a lot of interest in Cathy Campbell's first solo exhibition in Edinburgh and we want to share it with as many visitors as possible.  So don't be shy, come and be inspired in March.

And here's a lovely photo of artists Kevin Low and Stewart Bremner finalising details of their exhibition, 'Worlds Apart', which will open on Kevin's birthday, April 5th.  It won't only be a party to remember, but a stunning exhibition to boot.

We've only tickled the surface of UG's delights for 2012, so stay tuned to learn more about award-winning artists Jenny Matthews and Janet Melrose RSW, and brilliant artistic assassin Norrie Harman.

Speak soon.