Friday, 16 December 2011

A Labour of Love II

Hello everyone

Do you remember this?

and this.......

'The Hunt' by Hannah Haworth.

And the bees knees......

All created by the extremely talented sculptor and knitting giant (although she's tiny), Hannah Haworth.
Last Christmas we displayed Hannah's spellbinding and large scale installation, 'The Hunt' and it thrilled all who viewed it. This year we are lucky enough to have 2 beautiful knitted doves from Hannah which again are proving to be a big hit.

'Doves', handy dyed silk yarn and merino wool by Hannah Haworth.

Hannah knitted each feather (of which there's over 100) individually and then seamed them together to create the tail and wings. That's a lot of knitting and sewing people! The doves bodies were then wired to create a sense of movement and flight.
When The Hunt was here last year I practically lived in the gallery. I couldn't get enough of them.
This year, on the arrival of the 'doves from above', I couldn't resist the chance of getting some cuddles (they are super soft) in early, and so took them home for a night before the Christmas opening.
Here they are:

I had to be extremely careful of UG hounds Tommy and Harry who were more than a little interested. Eek, perish the thought!
Naughty doggies:

The Doves, at £120 each, would make an ideal and very beautiful present for someone special this Christmas, as would many of the superb paintings on display. We are open until the 23rd so you have plenty time to come in and pick your favourite.

Speak soon x

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