Monday, 1 August 2011

Hold The Press!

This is award winning artist Philip Braham giving a final check over the catalogue that will accompany his incredible solo exhibition, 'Still'.

Opening on Friday, this exhibition has been tipped as a Festival 'must see' and with interest high already, Philip's show will prove to be one of the hottest acts in town.

See you Friday.....


  1. Really want to see this, but can't make the opening. Best if luck with it!

  2. Thanks Jane. Sorry you can't make the opening, but the exhibition rund until 5th September, so hopefully you can make it in at some time. It really is worth a look.

  3. Fine art, like poetry, often draws its power by being many things to many people, drawing ideas together in a brushstroke, a word, an expression. I could almost have been put off Braham's work by listening to a talk where he included his own inspirations and interpretation of his work, but reminded myself that he is an artist, not an art critic, and the former (especially in view of his paintings) is infinitely more valuable.

    The sheer scale of a piece (fine art, novel, movie) draws us in, sets a scene, suspends reality: but it is frequently the small detail that causes impact. With Braham, I am swept into his bitterly barren landscapes, and there find a curious face, a touch of humanity in the wasteland, a different way of observing the trees in the gloom, that makes the whole piece more pointed, more emotionally memorable. His titles tend to be iconic. We appreciate the painting, yet mention of "Rannoch," or "The Clearing," or "Bluebell Wood" evoke our own associations, and these associations bring added depth and power to what we are looking at.

    Braham takes us to a place that is at once alien yet familiar. The desolate cold of his landscape reminds me that we all die, that nature eventually triumphs. Yet there is something that survives. That fights against the harshness. A figure wraps a dressing gown around her against the wind and wet. In another, a ghostly, half-seen presence. The vernal equinox brings the promise of spring, of hope, of blood coursing through the veins. There is a challenge to bleakness and the winter of desolation.

    Thank you, Alison & Rob, for bringing another great exhibition to this humble wee community. ;-)

  4. Thank you Exit! What a lovely and personal review of the exhibition. The work seems to have struck a chord with it has with us. We are really pleased to bring this artist's work to the community, to be shared and enjoyed by all.