Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Momentous Moments

Hi All

So July has been a momentous month for Union Gallery, not only has the amazing Dylan Lisle and Patsy McArthur Exhibition been a huge success, but a lot more has been going on besides.
To celebrate our month of milestones, we had a wee party on Saturday:

As you can see, much fun was had by all.....

As well as much debate

And serious discussion on the exceptional merits of the two fabulous painters on display.

There are still 5 days to come and see the exhibition, and I can't recommend a visit to Union Gallery enough to those who have not yet managed to make it.  Both Dylan and Patsy are becoming so successful that the likelyhood of seeing them exhibiting together again is extremely small, and this may be a rare opportunity to see such a large body of work from either artist for some time. I can guarantee that if you make the trip to Broughton Street in the next few days, you will be rewarded with an exhibition of exceptional quality and craft: a real feast for the senses.

Here's a couple of images to remind you of what you will be seeing:

'Before the Show' by Dylan Lisle

'The Open Road' by  Patsy McArthur

And one final look at the party on Saturday, where even the kids were overwhemed by the show:
You may have noticed the huge improvement on the photography front. Having accepted I'm useless with a camera, these brilliant snaps were taken care of snap happy wizzard Stewart Bremner.

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